The Hosts


Lan has played around with both computer software and hardware from a young age (causing the need to reinstall Windows many times along the way). He entertained himself with a variety of real time strategy, online games and transit and flight simulators. He later taught himself web programming through reference books and online examples. Lan has an interest in aviation and rail vehicles, especially signals, train control systems and the control centres that manage them. He has logged some real world hours in the Cessna 172 aircraft. He aims to connect transit and aviation enthusiasts around the world through simulators and educational and entertaining videos. He hopes this will inspire individuals to pursue their own goals, create their own content and build their own audience, especially those that are not as strong socially or are on the autism spectrum.

Lan is fascinated by start ups and the dedication entrepreneurs have in building them. He first started as an entrepreneur writing gaming guides on an online publishing platform. Lan also has a background in security, specifically using intelligence backed approaches to protect people, property and information. He is especially interested in learning about the management and assessment of threats using behavioural sciences and collaborating with law enforcement.


Key has enjoyed academia throughout her life because it helped her explore her understanding of the minds and actions of those who grow. She likes asking difficult questions and finding practical answers to why we do the things we do. Key entertains herself by reading about a variety of science, social, and spiritual topics, especially ones that deal with seemingly maladaptive behaviours. She taught herself how to meditate using resources online and continues to seek ways to improve her inner peace while having fun along the way. Fun has included experience flying a Cessna 172 aircraft and learning how to safely handle a firearm for shooting sports. 

Key aims to encourage education and experimentation among academic and spiritual adventurers who enjoy enhancing life in practical and ethical ways. She hopes that by sharing her experiences and publishing content, it will inspire ourselves to be proactive, patient and take preventative actions with managing our health and well-being.